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Are you interested in providing a long-term resource and guide for your students?

College Next Door is a long-term student-to-student mentorship program that develops relationships between DC high school students and Georgetown/GW students. High school underclassmen are paired with college underclassmen to develop a multi-year relationship through a guiding curriculum customized for each mentee. We believe that college underclassmen hold the most recent experiences to provide a tangible and sustainable route in curating a high schooler’s talent and success.

What is the partnership? We will provide mentors to current and upcoming freshmen and sophomores each Fall. Our program would not interfere during the school day nor require any heavy-lifting from you. The partnership would entail:


Your support in mentee recruitment…

  • Allowing our team to deliver pamphlets, fliers, etc. to potential mentees.

  • Allowing our team to present and recruit at PTO opportunities and meetings

Our organization providing…

  • Trained mentors that will arrange after-school mentorship meetings with their mentees to develop and execute a curriculum plan in a safe location (library, coffee shop, etc.).

  • Financial and transportation support for both mentors and mentees, along with background checks and liability contracts.


To provide more clarity, the long-term mentorship will last for the entire duration of high school. It is statistically proven that peer influence in adolescence peaks at around age 14, when a student is just starting high school (NCBI). Having a mentor who is also a peer will provide the mentee with a sense of security and guidance. Many students are passionate and ambitious, but struggle to navigate through the nuances that make the college application process (coursework, extracurricular activities, SAT’s, college essays, etc.) so difficult. Our ultimate goal is to develop and sustain a meaningful relationship between mentor and mentee to curate the mentee’s talents and academic achievement, preparing them for the most post-graduate opportunities.

Why us? We are not a year-long mentorship or an after-school tutoring program. We realized a missed opportunity for sustainable growth of individual students in the D.C. area and found a need for a long-term resource that can remove barriers, answer questions, and problem solve for a high school student outside of their home environment. In addition to the longevity of the peer relationship, the mentee will gain a community of peers (with other mentors/mentees) across two DC universities with no extra time or support needed from their schools and teachers. More information is attached to this email.

We are not our mentee’s after-school tutors; we are their support, friend, confidant, and role model.

Please contact us for our organization PDF’s that provide more information on our logistics, curriculum, timeline, etc.

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